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The Tandara Stud
The Tandara Caspian Stud has been breeding Caspians since 1981 and is amongst the world's largest Caspian Studs, with 7 licenced stallions and up to 20 brood mares. At least 12 Foundation Lines are represented in the bloodlines of the breeding stock. Tell me more

The Tandara Caspian Stud is located in Narrikup, Western Australia. Ray & Sue are happy for you to visit, but with their hectic lifestyle its advisable to contact them first. Tell me more
Take a look at our Colt's & Fillies page for more details on stock for sale. If there is a specific blood line you are interested in have a look at our Bloodline's page.
To contact Ray and Sue Eiffler of Tandara Caspian Stud, you can find our details are on the contacts page. Tell me more

Re-discovery & Royalty
Long thought extinct (since 627 A. D.) until the ancient breed was re-discovered by Louise Firouz on the shores of the Caspian Sea in 1965. Thought to be the world's rarest equine breed, with only approx. 500 breeding stock in the world.
The Caspians have been linked with Royalty the world over, King Darius the Great, the late Shah of Iran and HRH Prince Philip, who owns and drives his own Caspian team. Tell me more

The Caspian Horse
The Caspian is actually a miniture horse but because of its height, of between 10 and 13 hands, it is often referred to as a pony. They are of slim build with a calm and willing temperament together with incredible speed and jumping ability it is easy to see how these beautiful, endangered horses make ideal mounts for smaller riders and marvellous harness horses for all ages. Tell me more